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Fall means (faux) fur.

There's nothing like putting on a fur vest as soon as the weather hits a perfect 62 degrees. Problem is, there aren't many of those days (at least not in the east coast). I LOVE the fall but stay cautious about buying too many fall pieces because of the short window I have to wear it. A fur vest means no jacket which means it has to be warm enough to walk out without one and cold enough to not look ridiculous in fur. It's a very fine line. Still, I absolutely adore the look of a fur vest and was so excited to wear this gorgeous piece even if it's just that one time.

Here's a tip to stay economic | invest in 2 or 3 staple fall pieces that you really love and pair them with winter/summer outfits. Here I am wearing a scalloped summer dress in a warm color. This dress I wore a ton of times over the summer so I got plenty of use out of it. When it's a little more chilly, I pair the vest with a long sleeve sweater. That way I am getting use out of my fall pieces with things I already own. I've had this black vest for over 4 years now and bring it out every fall for a couple of wears. To store it safely, I keep it in a garment bag in the coat closet.


Wearing | Versace faux fur vest with black and gold buckle, Chanel Booties in black (similar style), Chanel Black Caviar Large Boy with Gold Hardware, Dolce & Gabbana Flower glasses (here's a similar style).

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