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From physicans, nurses, PAs, therapists and pharmacists to students pursuing a career in healthcare, this t-shirt is a symbol of our solidarity. You certainly don't have to be in medicine to rock this shirt. If this campaign resonates with you, it's for you as well. The Women in Medicine movement isn't implying that all women should find a place in medicine, but rather affirming that the women did choose medicine certainly belong there. This campaign represents the strength of women who have shaped healthcare despite gender biases and double standards. Together, we stand against all stereotypes and societal gender roles that attempt to bring women down.


When we uplift eachother, there is no stopping us. 

Women in Medicine T-Shirt

    • This is a pre-order, items are not currently in stock. We will be putting in orders in batches. To be included in the first batch please be sure to place your order by December 10th. Note: we will try our best to get these shirts out to you as soon as possible but there is no gurantee they will arrive prior to the Holidays. 

    • Your Women In Medicine order will ship within approximately 7-10   business days of your order. Please then add a shipment time of 2 – 5 business days depending on your location. 

    • There are no exchanges or returns. All orders are final once the transaction is complete. Please ensure you have ordered the correct size by referencing the size guide. Remember, these shirts are meant to be flowy so they are forgiving. If you are in between sizes, order a size down. 

    • Please ensure all address are correct when placing an order.

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