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Little black [business casual] dress

Black is always my go to color. The largest section of my closet is dedicated to black clothes (of course my closet is color coded). Black is classic, easy to match and is slimming so of course it's always a winner regardless of the occasion. Lately, I've been loving the light blue trend that was widely available all summer. Maybe because it reminds me of the ceil blue scrubs we wear in the operating room. So when I found this adorable black dress with the ceil blue ruffle hem I was in love!

This type of dress is the perfect option for a business casual event. What does business casual even mean? It means you'll be surrounded by professionals (ie. colleagues, faculty, professors, bosses) in a casual environment (ie. dinner, happy hour, company party). When I have a business casual event I usually go with a dress option because it's easy to change into if I am in scrubs and it's compact so I can pack it quickly without forgetting bits and pieces.

Here's what I look for in a business casual dress:

1. FLOW IS BETTER | I don't like form fitting dresses for my business casual events because they are not as comfortable. Flowy dresses are fun AND they can hide all the food I am eating. Plus, I want people looking into my eyes when I am having a conversation, not starring at my figure.

2. DON'T BE A PRUNE, WEAR PRUNE | Dark colors always look professional and they're flattering. When I am not wearing black (which is rare), I chose navy, burgundy or deep purple. Right now I am obsessed with bell sleeves and think this adorable Club Monaco dress is just gorgeous in burgundy. This adorable cheaper alternative from Zara is on point.

3. POLYESTER IS THE NEW CASHMERE | Polyester is certainly not as luxurious as many other fabrics BUT I love it for all my professional clothes because of it's incredible anti-wrinkle qualities. Another advantage to wearing a polyester or nylon blend is sweat doesn't show through. If you're someone who sweats when you're nervous, this is a good option. Try this adorable black See by Chloe dress which is 95% polyester. For a cheaper alternative, this adorable dress comes in many colors and it's under $40!

4. COMFORT IS KEY | Okay this isn't necessarily about the dress BUT it's related. There's nothing worse than watching someone in a cute outfit limping across the room because their heels are too uncomfortable. Most of my business casual events require a lot of standing and that's even WORSE than walking on your feet. So always chose a comfortable heel. Try a pair of Cole Haan pumps or opt for a professional pointed flat. Both adorable and ON SALE!


Wearing | Chanel classic double flap jumbo caviar bag, Christian Louboutin Cross Blake heels 100 mm, which are actually decently comfortable. I give them a 2 hour life span per night which is NOT bad for a pair of Loubs, Zara dress (unfortunately, I bought this dress in Barcelona and it's sold out! Also, if you thought Zara prices in the US were incredible, trying shopping in Spain! Zara is based in Spain and their fashion line there is not only better but it's even cheaper. My only regret was not buying more!)

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Recent Posts: On the Blog