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New Vanity: How To Organize

One of the best things about staying at home is all the opportunities I’ve had to revamp my small city apartment and turn it into a smart living space. On my instagram story, I recently shared my brand new desk turned vanity and so many of you asked me to record my organization process. I actually ended up filming the entire thing (totally not rehearsed so you’ll see me going back and forth between tons of different ideas). I also give you some of my input on how to make the most out of a few organizers I purchased and how to really protect all white furniture from getting make up damaged. Check out my full video on YouTube!

See video below (don't forget to subscribe to my YouTube Channel):


Below you can see all of the products I've used in my video:

- Vanity (this is a desk but it made a great XL vanity. Most vanities I found were way too small for what I needed):

Don't forget to check out my Amazon store which also has a ton of products linked directly there!

As always, you can follow my daily journey through my instagram! Don't forget to find me and give me a follow.



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