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Winter Survival Guide

I love the summer. I love the beach. I love indulging in the sunshine. So how does a California girl survive a Boston winter? The right outfit and accessories my friends! I’ve gotten so many questions about this I’ve decided to outline my go to. Here's the best part: After years of trial and error, I’ve rounded up the best items so you don't have to give yourself a migraine scrolling through online stores to find the right stuff (all tagged below in my "shop this post" section)!!

Here’s my absolute must have if you’re planning to live in a snow-prone city or going on a fabulous winter getaway ❄️

1 | The jacket: you gotta have a heavy coat that hits your knees (at least). Having a warm upper and mid body is key to avoiding the winter chill. Trick: if you’re jacket doesn’t have a hood, invest in a hooded vest that you can throw on underneath. Important: make sure you have a down coat with a hood, that’s the only thing that will do the trick. I have a Mackage and a Canada Goose and both are incredible. When I purchased my Canada Goose the first year I moved to NYC, I had no idea they didn’t have good animal practices so I definitely now recommend a Mackage which is just as warm and pretty!

2 | Footwear: when there’s snow on the ground nothing can keep your feet warm except snow boots. They are water proof and can withstand that pile of snow which with an uncertain depth. Keep in mind, Uggs are usually my go to for super cold days but as soon as it snows or rains and the t

emps are low Uggs don’t cut it (you DON’T want them getting super wet!) That's when the snow boots have to come out.

3 | Handwear (yes I am making it a word): YOU NEED GLOVES. Sorry there is no way around it. Your fingers will be so cold they turn blue if you don’t have the right gloves on. And those flimsy generic pair you found in the back of your closet that you picked up from 7/11 won't cut it. I’ve searched high and low for a good pair and finally found ones that keep me warm even as I walk Ozzi in 20 degree weather. The key: cashmere lining.

4,5,6,7,8 | The accessories: THIS IS THE KEY. You under gear has to work for YOU to lock in your body heat and keep it inside. A good wool scarf, long wool socks and thermal leggings: these are things that are ‘extra’ but make all the difference to keep you nice and toasty.

And I chose those words carefully my friend. I said WOOL socks for a reason. Your run of the mill gym socks don't keep your feet warm if you're not in Uggs. But wool WILL. So invest in a few good pairs. Same goes for a scarf which will come in hand when your ears feel like they're about to fall off. I've found a scarf more practical than ear muffs because that got to be just too much to carry. If it's warm, I keep my scarf hanging around my neck. If it's cold, I wrap it. If it's freezing, I wrap it around my neck and head to keep my ears warm.

The thermal undergarments are truly the difference between 20 and 40 degree weather. When the temps drop, your jeans need a little help. I hate thick thermals so Ive fallen in love with my super thin leggings and under shirt which I swear keep my super super warm despite being super thin (I think it's the work of a witch!)


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