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[Study Tips] Don't study hard, study smart

Studying has pretty much been my full time job my entire life. After so many years of it, I’ve picked up a few tips and tricks:

1. SET A SCHEDULE | There is nothing that keeps me focused better than setting a schedule for myself. For example, I have a rheumatology exam coming up on Friday so I’ve set up a 7-day schedule leading up to the exam. This schedule factors in time off, yoga classes, practice questions, uWorld and specific lectures that I want to review every day. This also allows me to space out my studying so I am covering all of the material adequately prior to the exam. Every time I check off something, I feel accomplished and it keeps me motivated.

2. TAKE BREAKS | I’ve said this before and I’ll keep reinforcing it: Your brain is a muscle and if you don’t give it a break, it will stop being productive. My best strategy is study for 50 minutes, take 10 minutes off. I also plan afternoons off and random dinner with friends on certain days so I have something to look forward to.

3. EAT. HYDRATE. SLEEP. REPEAT | It’s so important to eat healthy, continue to drink water throughout the day and get a good night sleep. A Harvard Business study found that individuals who ate a healthy lunch were more productive in the work place that afternoon than those who had junk food. That doesn't mean you can't have cheat days and enjoy food (I often do with french fries and hamburger cravings) but an overall healthy lifestyle is important! Here's another tip: keep power bars on you at all times. I always buy Kind bars in bulk to make sure I am eating a small snack every 1-2 hours between meals to keep my brain going.

4. PUT AWAY YOUR PHONE | Studies show that distraction of an interruption (ie. text, email, Facebook message) combined with the brain drain you are already experiencing throughout your study can make you 20% less efficient meaning you won’t retain the information you’re studying.

In my next study tip post, I'll share an example of what my study schedule looks like! Stay tuned.


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