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5 Week USMLE Study Strategy

This is definitely an overdue post BUT I finally put together my 5 week intensive USMLE study strategy. I honestly don't know why it took me this long, well, I kinda do: I mostly wanted to forget about this exam and delayed this post until the trauma faded a bit and I can think back to it as a distant memory rather than a tragic time in my life. Jk, it wasn't that bad. Okay it was (kinda).

Anytime you have a difficult exam that can make or break you, the key is to BREAK IT...break it down that is. The USMLE isn't that bad, says no one ever, except those who did what I did. Here's how I am going to make it a little better for you: I am GIVING YOU a sample of a 5 week intensive study schedule. Yup, all for free. No tricks. This is gold you guys. I really do believe the KEY to succeeding on an exam that basically expects you to know A MILLION different things is breaking it ALL down into a schedule. That way you are not overwhelmed and you stay on track. The best part? This work for EVERYTHING. USMLE, DAT, MCAT, LSAT...whatever. Whenever you have a ridiculously challenging standardized test THIS is what you want to do.

To hear all about my study schedule and how I came up with it for the USMLE Step 1 exam, watch my YouTube video (and be kind, subscribe to my channel and like my video will you?):


Below you can find my most prized possession, the USMLE Study Schedule Sample:


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*Please note: This is based on my OWN personal experience. This does not in no way shape or form guarantee a HIGH score and I definitely do not advertise that. This simply helps you break things down and serves as a guide if you choose to use it. The schedule is a sample and should be used as an example to aid in developing your own study strategy. I am not an expert on the topic and I certainly recommend speaking to your advisor, mentors and other resources before you finalize your very own study strategy that you are comfortable with. There are professionals who teach, tutor and have far many more years of experience that may help guide you if you are struggling so please make sure you reach out to one of them if you find yourself in that position.

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