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Get sunlight, release serotonin

Studies have shown that direct sunlight induces the "feel good" hormone serotonin to be released from your brain. This improves mood and productivity.

Moving to the east coast after growing up in California has really made me appreciate the different seasons we have in Boston. I don't take sunlight for granted. Here's another study tip | Most days when the weather is good and I have lots of studying, I take my work outside and it makes the burden of it all seems less exhaustive. Of course there are times of high stress that I need to be in an extremely focused environment like the library but most of the times I can manage a more relaxed study atmosphere.

My favorite thing to do is explore new local coffee shops with outdoor seating (I am lucky to have found tons in the South End). The key is not letting this experience be a distraction. To help me stay focused, I put on headphones and play a white noise soundtrack to drown out outside noise. This is a wonderful study took I discovered when I was studying for the Oral Surgery NBME CBSE exam and it worked magic. I even use it to help me fall asleep on some nights when it's hard to shut off my brain. Try this free YouTube soundtrack that combines fire burning and ocean waves to make the perfect white noise background!

If you've never studied outside, try it soon and let me know what your experience was like.


Wearing: I found this adorable embroidered dress at a boutique in La Jolla when I was vacationing in San Diego a few months back. Ps. Boutique shopping is one of my favorite ways to shop because you end up with unique pieces from small designers that you may not be able to see at a department store.

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